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And here we are, a story full of distinct, colorful, and intimate facets. 

Like any story, there are quite a number of experiences, unique and personal to those living it.  As for Lisa, the steps leading her to this creative business endeavor are personal and spiritual.  Because of Lisa's life transformation when she gave her life to the Lord, and the sheer contrast between the life she lived before and the one she is living now, Lisa's mission is to understand, embrace, and encourage women to use their testimonies and gifts to inspire one another in the light of our Savior.
DACOSTA COLLECTION's designs are inspired by the revelation that "life is full of facets" in the metaphorical sense, and also literally!  Lisa embraces the walks and journeys of every woman and how what we expererience, learn, and discover on our transforming journeys can encourage, edify and inspire one another to be a light to the world.   
Lisa also is inspired by the Earth's abundance in gems,  and the flourishing advancement in cutting them. Her shaker locket designs mimic the diverse shapes of fancy cut gemstones and whisper "luxury", showcasing multiple stones, in multiple carats, floating freely for a lush vibe, bridging the gap between fashion and fine jewelry.  The collection has a super cohesive flow and humbly represent a softer statement piece. 

DACOSTA COLLECTION is antique in theory, modern in design, gem-inspired, consciously crafted, and responsibly priced.  

DACOSTA COLLECTION is not just a jewelry brand; its a story and testimony to God's unmerited grace, believing the Word of faith, and all the facets of life that accompany that journey. 
We are mission-focused and have a heart for the world.
Lisa is joined on this journey by her growing family of blended Brazilian-Americans and their entire story is certainly FULL of facets.
We truly hope you find our jewelry, their message, and our story as encouraging, and our brand as captivating, as we do!
Best of blessings,
Lisa Da Costa, Owner & Designer & Family 
Life is full of facets. Let yours reflect who you are.